The mission of the Louisville Tea Party is to advocate for fiscally responsible policies, lower taxes, and Constitutionally limited government. We will accomplish our advocacy by organizing peaceful gatherings, supporting like-minded local, state, and federal candidates and educating the community at large.

The Louisville TEA Party holds a monthly social on the third Thursday of each month, from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. 
Each event features speakers on specific topics, as well as activism updates and training for those wishing to be more effective at influencing the political environment and holding politicians accountable. Check back regularly for updates on locations and details of each month’s event.


Thursday June 16th, 2016, 7:00PM 
Monthly Louisville TEA Party Meeting and Social

We’re proud to invite you to another monthly social with interesting and uplifting content unlike you will be able to get anywhere else.

Doors open at 6:00 PM, meeting begins at 7:00 PM


Special Guest – 
Pledge of Allegiance and a reflection for Memorial Day on sacrifices that have been made for freedom and liberty
Michael Brown – 
President, Louisville TEA Party
Updates on our work, what we need to be doing now to ensure the best outcomes for liberty in November and heading into 2017.
Alan Claypool
President/Owner TAC4 Solutions
Working Together for Liberty;
The Difficulty of the “Together” Part
We are in a battle to regain individual liberty amid an onslaught of socialist forces.  Too often, the other side is well-positioned and well-organized, while we stand on principle with not enough strategy for success.  This presentation will discuss some fundamental beliefs and behaviors that will help liberty-minded folks to be more effective in their efforts.
Mr. Claypool is the President of TAC4 Solutions, which guides executive leadership teams into learning deep-dive behaviors that dramatically transform corporate cultures.  Alan is also the founder of TACKLE with TAC4, a political forum that eliminates political positioning so that we tackle the issues, not each other™.  Alan holds a Masters degree in mathematics from the University of Illinois (1994) and a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Furman University (1989).  Alan was Statewide Volunteer Coordinator for the Matt Bevin for Senate and Matt Bevin for Governor campaigns, and he was a candidate for Kentucky State Representative (2014).


Alan Brown
President, Bardstown/Nelson County TEA Party
Where There’s No Smoke, There May Be Fire

The story of how a small town’s politicians’ war against private property rights under guise of smoking bans caused an unlikely group of freedom activists to band together and how it changed the county forever.

Alan’s involvement in the fight for freedom has taken him through many important campaigns and into leadership and influence in the TEA Party and his local political scene.


Ramada Plaza Hotel, 9700 Bluegrass Parkway
Near Dairy Queen on Bluegrass Industrial Parkway
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At the close of the meeting, all are welcome to join us at Stadium Joe’s, the hotel’s in-house restaurant and bar for social time and lively discussion.


Saturday July 30th, 2016, 9:00AM-5:30PM 
One-Day Grassroots Political Training


We’re proud to invite you to take part in the finest political effectiveness training available in the country.

Maintaining our freedom is not a one-time event. Our liberty will not be restored by one person being elected to the White House. Change is a process. Someone will be in charge, and politicians will be concerned about their next election.

We don’t want to equip you to be an effective pawn or volunteer for a candidate or political party. We want to help you create a political environment that will reduce government interference in our lives, resulting in lower taxes and more freedom.

We hope you will join us in advancing the cause of conservative leadership.


Hyatt Place Hotel, 701 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville KY 40222
Next to the Barnes and Noble Booksellers and the Republic Bank.
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Whether you have a lot of time or a little time, your involvement can make a huge difference!


Want to learn more? Have a comment or question? We’d love to hear from you.